2014 Celebrating Excellence Banquet

A description of The Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art’s Lester Wing portrays the setting in which the 179 guests attending the 2014 Celebrating Excellence banquet found themselves,

The building features an abundance of natural light, pure geometries, clarity of plan, and well-proportioned, top-lighted galleries that have an intimate, human scale.  The resulting serene, contemplative spaces put the visitor in the proper frame of mind for viewing works of art.

Upon entering the banquet room, guests were greeted with an abundance of decorated tables and the light-hearted conversation of other attendees. We enjoyed Mark Borum’s music and the building’s art exhibits seemed a good reflection of our honored guests’ lives.

With clarity of plan we watched  individuals testify I Give to CBF of Oklahoma Because…. and with a proper frame of mind, we heard Dr. Matt Cook (Pastor at FBC Wilmington, NC) elaborate on how our lives – like those of the honorees – can have far reaching impact on the world.